We offer:
-  Cleaning of both sides of the windows
- Clean tracks
- Wipe sills
- Wash screens

And plenty more.

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Cordova Cleaning Services Cleaning Windows

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Pre-Existing Conditions:
If requested and possible, we will notify you of pre-existing damage or the general condition of your windows. We are not responsible for pre-existing damage or damage waiting to happen, i.e. poor or unattached blinds that fall down. We have yet to clean a house without one or more windows that have broken seals, low-e failure, scratches, broken blinds, bent screens, or other damage. Broken windows will not be cleaned.

We will do our best to notify you of these conditions but since they are common and occur in every house, please understand we may not be able to notify you of each and every instance and can not be held liable for these.

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